photo of Annie by Rhoda Baer

Pearl Betty Harry Vic Annie


The One and Only

Annie was our very first Doberman. We got her in 1990 from a rough area of Northeast Washington, DC through the Doberman Rescue of Northern Virginia. She was about five years old and had been abandoned by her previous owners. She was riddled with fleas, had two canine teeth knocked out and was badly malnourished—but she was trusting and loving from the moment we met her.

It took her a while to completely understand that she could stay with us forever, but she soon learned to love us wholeheartedly. Her patience with us was endless. She taught me more than I can say and I owe her much more than she ever owed me.

Annie lived through two ruptured Achilles tendons, auto-immune hemolytic anemia and several cross-country car trips. She got her Canine Good Citizenship award when she was fourteen years old. She never faltered and she never stopped being fun and loving. We were lucky to have her, I wish it had been longer. She died on March 23, 2001, exactly one year before Betty was born.