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Watchdog specializes in sustainability. We believe it matters on every level from personal to community, corporations to governments, local to worldwide. And we believe it makes good business sense.

Sustainability is more than just the right thing to do. It is a strategic framework for innovation, value creation and organizational enhancement. It encompasses the entire value chain, not just the direct footprint of the business. We help you translate that to your audience with thoughtful solutions in both print and online.

Click here to download a PDF-format introduction to sustainability in communications. Share with your co-workers & vendors and let's get going together being responsible corporate citizens.

(This PDF is formatted for ease in e-reading on your screen. We designed this e-version not to be printed, but since we’re fans of print ourselves, we understand the power of a printed page. We have a version formatted for print, available here, for a standard letter-size, double-sided document. Make it even greener and use 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. Share your information and recycle the paper when you’re finished.)

How Others Do It

Resources, definititions and other sites we like to learn from:


The Natural Step
A good way to start thinking about sustainability and how your company can apply its values and principles to everyday business.


The Living Principles of Design
From AIGA's Center for Sustainable Design, a framework for designers to learn from and follow. Lots of downloads and more information.


Design Can Change
Fabulous and inspirational site from smashLAB in Vancouver, BC. Just another reason to love Canada. As if you need one..


Institute for Sustainable Communication

Enormous information and a wide library of up-to-date information on sustainability in media.



Excellent use of collaborative networking for sharing information with the design community. Also the best statement on the meaning of sustainability I've yet found (I reference it in the PDF document).

SLM logo

Sustainable Life Media

Excellent educational outreach for a variety of design applications and how to make sustainable media communications work for business.


Lovely As A Tree

Site based in the UK with lots of great information about paper and printing for graphic designers.


Forest Stewardship Council
FSC is fast becoming the premier certification for sustainable wood use, from printing to building.


SmartWood—Rainforest Alliance
Information from FSC's leading forest management certifier.

Final Eco
Monadnock's Field Guide
Thoughtful (and beautiful) guide on why and how to select sustainable paper.

Environmental Defense
Environmental Defense Fund's Paper Calculator
Helping to compare and choose papers.


The Story of Stuff
This kind of sums it all up.


Chlorine Free Products Association
Non-profit independent association developing chlorine-free certification programs.


Nordic Ecolabeling
Northern Europe's worldwide eco-labelling certification "Nordic Swan" ranging from fuels to coffee filters. An interesting look at how European companies are handling sustainablity information.

ISO ISO Standards
International Standards for business, government and society.


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Green Widgets

Shows how recycled paper can make an impact.



CO2 Stats: monitors this site's environmental footprint and purchases renewable energy to neutralize it. Learn more at: CO2stats

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How Green Is The Watchdog?

Sustainability is, of course, more than just one course of action. At Watchdog Graphics we're constantly trying to improve our environmental footprint and we welcome any and all suggestions. Let us know any ideas for energy savings to dogs [@] We're all in this together.

We're lucky enough to work and live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our office is in a 1939 building, which is very well built, thus fairly efficient in most areas (brick and plaster keep heating & cooling even and tile roof is still going strong at 60 years plus) but woefully inefficient in others (large single-pane windows and original fireplaces with loose dampers). Natural gas runs our heating, hot water and cooktop. Our electricity is 100% green-powered through the GreenUp program at Seattle City Light.

Seattle provides recycling programs of everything from fish to foil. All our food, paper, plastic and yard waste is recycled through our city recycling programs. And we love having and attending garage sales—the original recycling program!

We use power strips for all electronic equipment and turn them off when not in active use. Our light bulbs are all energy-efficient CFL which we properly dispose of (that's something we have an issue with, but for now it's what we're using). We drive the dogs around in a hybrid car and have a small vegetable garden supplemented by an excellent CSA program.

Nonetheless, we know that sustainability is more than just these lifestyle adjustments. We're continually studying long-term ways to effect change. The most powerful thing we do: Vote. In every election. For candidates that follow what we believe is best for our community, our country and for the world. We follow up on their action and we hold them to their word. We heartily encourage you to do the same.

Watchdog Graphics also purchases offset carbon for usage for this site here:



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Nonprofits Are Business

The heart of sustainability—doing well by doing good—is beating in non profits that are stepping up to be economic powerhouses. Rather than following the old structure of "charity" they are becoming better investments than traditional businesses in every community, with the help of the V3 campaign. Ethics and values of nonprofits can and should trump the failed dogma of “get rich or die trying” that has permeated our economy (and business schools) for far too long.

Check it out and join in!

Nonprofits are Businesses

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Blogs We Follow

There's a lot of chatter out there. Here's some of our favorite blog sites, where we almost always find useful information and innovation in sustainability and entreprenueurship:

Robert Egger's Piece of Mind

One (loud) voice for change: a leader in social enterprise and the coolest guy on the planet.


The Green Marketing Manifesto by John Grant. Fantastic info from one of the leaders in green marketing.


Joel Makower's take on sustainable business, clean technology and a green marketplace.

Excellent thoughts on community, social media and Web 2.0. Chris advises businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value.

It's Harvard. Need I say more? Lots of good articles on sustainable business, most of it from the field.

The (un)Sustainable Commentator

One guy trying to integrate "sustainability" into his personal and business life. thoughtful commentary on the broad scope of sustainability.

The Practical Widow

One woman's take on widows and those who love them.


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