Pearl Betty Harry Vic Annie


aka: Ravensown Distant SturmUndDrang, CD, NAJ

The Very Important Canine

Vic was my inspiration, my guardian and my heart. Born December 27, 1997, Vic was brave yet prissy, steadfast yet goofy and set in his donkey ways. He indulged me, since he knew he was much more clever than I, but we completely trusted each other. We protected one another from all the vicissitudes of the world. Watchdog Graphics was named for him and he is our logo model. Vic died peacefully with the same grace and dignity with which he lived his life on November 26, 2006.

And for non-enthusiasts in the dog-sport world, here's what those titles mean:

• CD = Companion Dog, obedience
• NAJ = Novice Agility Jumpers